Our Infrastructure

The Company stands on an area of approximately 21060 m2 which is then systematically divided into different sections. After we receive an order. It is fed into a software specially programmed for Enaya.

This software calculates the amount of yarn required for the particular order. A trace is made of the design to illustrate the pattern in which yarn will be weaved. Once the design are worked upon. The next step is the weaving of the carpet. We have an outsourced Weaving unit for this purpose. After the carpets are weaved.

They are then inspected for any weaving faults. Here faults are rectified and again inspected after the rectification. After the inspection, carpets are then send for their final finishing. This is the last step where the carpets are gone through final inspection. Carpets are then packed and are ready to be shipped to the required locations. The Showroom provides us with a large space to display our ranges.